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Order a personal calling lesson, whether it be by yourself or with your hunting buddies. You choose the species: duck, Canada goose, specklebelly, snow goose and the type of call (j-frame, cut-down, single reed, double reed, etc…) that you would like to improve on. George will work with you at your individual level. Whether you are a first time caller, a novice caller or that caller struggling to get to the next level, George will provide you with the technique, tips and instruction to help you reach your goals! We cannot guarantee specific calling results, because progress is usually determined by the effort, time and commitment callers put into practicing; because, after all, ‘practice doesn’t make perfect, but “perfect” practice makes perfect.’

Here are the quick Lesson Scheduling notes:
* Lessons are available for 1 to 4 people per a group
* Lessons will be done on Zoom or FaceTime
* Lesson attendees MUST use a Legendary Gear game call, since calling classes are limited and Legendary Gear chooses to provide its game call customers first and preferential treatment.
* Lesson purchase is a transaction between one customer and legendary Gear, whether lesson is a private lesson or group lesson.
A complete list of Details, Guidelines and Disclaimers are provided below*

*Details, Guidelines and Disclaimers:

Number of Lesson Attendees – Orders are available for 1 to 4 different callers depending on the type of visual and audio technological interface used

Lesson Delivery Method – Lessons will be conducted on Zoom (ideally) or FaceTime (in some instances) based on customer’s preference and technological availabilities

Lesson Attendees MUST use a Legendary Gear game call for the lesson, since calling classes are limited and Legendary Gear chooses to provide its game call customers first and preferential treatment.

Group Lessons and Payment Responsibility – A group lesson of more than 1 caller and up to 4 callers must be purchased by 1 individual (purchaser). It is the purchaser’s responsibility to collect or redeem any shared payments from the other caller attendees in his or her lesson group. Legendary Gear is not responsible for providing calling lessons to anyone in the calling group, other than the purchaser; however, Legendary Gear will make best effort to provide calling instruction to each caller present during the calling lesson. If one or more of the lesson attendees cannot attend the lesson, the lesson will continue to take place at the scheduled lesson appointment time, unless, at the sole discretion of Legendary Gear, an alternate time is mutually agreed upon by Legendary Gear and the purchaser. If no alternate lesson appointment can be mutually agreed upon, a full or partial refund may be authorized by Legendary Gear at Legendary Gear’s sole discretion. See below notes regarding cancellations.

Cancellation by Purchasing Customer – If customer is unable to attend a calling lesson at his or her scheduled time and cancels the lesson greater than 48 hours from the lesson appointment time, the lesson can be rescheduled upon availability. If there is no availability, a full refund will be processed for the customer. If a customer cancels a calling lesson within 48 hours of their scheduled lesson, a full refund will be provided to the customer if the scheduled time can be filled with another lesson for equal length and value, but if the time slot goes unfilled, Legendary Gear reserves the right to hold back half the cost of the lesson. Legendary Gear cannot refund any monies for non-paying call lesson attendees since no purchase transaction has been made with them.

Cancellation by Legendary Gear – Legendary Gear reserves the right and authority to change, postpone or cancel a lesson or lessons at any time and at their sole discretion. If a lesson is cancelled as a result of Legendary Gear’s decision or action, the customer will receive a full refund for the cancelled lesson unless the purchaser and Legendary Gear mutually agree to reschedule the calling lesson.

Legendary Gear reserves the right to change, alter or revise these details, guidelines and disclaimers at any time.

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Class Type

Individual, Group

Time Frame

15 Minutes, 20 Minutes, 30 Minutes


Duck J-Frame, Duck Cut-Down, Canada Goose, Specklebelly, Snow Goose


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