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Legendary Gear game call designs are George Lynch‘s best of the best.  These calls are Legend by Design and are the result of decades of hard work and experience with designing, manufacturing, and hunting.  Each waterfowl call has been personally hand-tuned by George Lynch himself – the waterfowl expert and judge of numerous World Waterfowl Calling Championships.  Our turkey call line is designed and crafted to win world championship calling titles.  Check us out, join our Team of Legends and be a part of something Legendary!

Thank you for choosing Legendary Gear for your game call needs. The designs of these calls are the best of the best. We believe you will be pretty excited about the sound these calls make and the results they deliver on your hunt. Order today and start tippin’ toenails!

— George Lynch

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Every custom-made game call is thoroughly inspected and worked for optimal performance and sound when you need it most.  Why go anywhere else when Legendary Gear makes game calls that are Legend by Design?