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Rip ‘R


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The Details:

This short little Canada goose call RIPS!  At a total length of just less than 4 inches, we’ve combined our shortest barrel with our short, tight insert that is outfitted with Legendary Gear’s exclusive GAME CHANGER broken-in guts for a call that holds true to its name, RIP ‘R!  This little call is deadly on those big honkers to small migrating geese.  Beginners and expert callers will love the responsiveness of this little call with an ergonomically designed insert for perfect hand placement.  Whether you are on the X or hunting traffic, the RIP ‘R will definitely be your new favorite hunting call.

  • At 3 3/4″, this is our SHORTEST CANADA GOOSE CALL

INJECTED MOLDED CALLS  –  These calls low cost, high performance and are all hand-tuned for quality and realism.  These calls are 100% American made with the precision that compares to other brand’s top end calls.  These calls are injected with acrylic and compliment our top end machined acrylic calls perfectly.

Description of ‘Tuning Preferences’

LIGHT – Light tuning is meant for the guys who want to use less air and less back pressure. This option is good for the beginner as well as those who don’t have a lot of air capacity.

MEDIUM – George recommends this option for hunting. This call is tuned heavier than the lighter option, yet it produces all the power to persuade even the most stubborn honker. When a tuning preference is not selected, ‘medium’ is Legendary Gear’s default tuning option for the greatest number of call customers.

HEAVY – Heavily tuned calls are for the young guy with excellent air capacity and the contest caller.


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Call Materials

ACRYLIC – Premium Call

Legendary Gear uses 100% solid cast acrylic for optimal sound quality and machining results.  Our acrylic has a higher density than other acrylic options resulting in more vibrant color options and producing more consistent calls sounds for superior performance.  Each call in personally hand-tuned by George Lynch.

DELRIN® – Mid-Priced Call

The composition of Delrin® is very durable and bridges the gap in waterfowl sounds between the acrylic calls and wood calls.  Legendary Gear Delrin® calls are CNC machined to the same tolerances as our acrylic and wood calls which maintain our legendary designs to maximize air flow and ease of use.  Each call in personally hand-tuned by George Lynch.

Additional information

Weight 2.6 oz
Dimensions 1.125 × 1.125 × 3.75 in
Rip 'R Styles

Acrylic: Carbon HD, Acrylic: Jade, Acrylic: Venom, Acrylic: Brown Pearl, Delrin: Black

Tuning Preference

Light, Medium, Heavy

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