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Acrylic – Old Man



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The Details:

This granddaddy of a call, the Old Man, is our longest call in the LG goose call line up and is designed with a longer barrel as well as a longer insert with tighter interior dimensions to provide greater constriction and deliver a deeper tone. The longer insert creates a smooth, hollow tone that breaks over easy. It is our easiest call to blow in comparison to shorter and the more aggressive calls; …but hey, you young pups, don’t cut this Old Man short, this call still has the muscle to get aggressive.

  • Easy blowing
  • Deeper tones
  • Longer call at over 5 1/2” tall

Hunting Professional and Call Designer, George Lynch, personally hand-tunes every waterfowl call that leaves the Legendary Gear shop. Now, you can choose your tuning preference for Canada goose calls.

Select: ‘Tuning Preference’

LIGHT – Light tuning is meant for the guys who want to use less air and less back pressure. This option is good for the beginner as well as those who don’t have a lot of air capacity.

MEDIUM – George recommends this option for hunting. This call is tuned heavier than the lighter option, yet it produces all the power to persuade even the most stubborn honker. When a tuning preference is not selected, ‘medium’ is Legendary Gear’s default tuning option for the greatest number of call customers.

HEAVY – Heavily tuned calls are for the young guy with excellent air capacity and the contest caller.

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Additional information

Weight 2.8 oz
Dimensions 1.125 × 1.125 × 5.625 in

Ivory Solid, Black Matte, Bird’s Eye Maple, Hedge

Tuning Preference

Light, Medium, Heavy


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