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Batwing – 2 Reed


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The Details:

Legendary Gear mouth calls are designed to produce a wide range of vocalizations to suit every caller’s preference. This call is hand stretched to precision dimensions with premium materials for consistency of sound.

Our Batwing 2 Reed is gaining more popularity because of its ease of use while giving callers all the hen sounds needed to pull in the most stubborn gobbler.  This call is designed for softer calling but the SOUND FILE will give you its full story!  This call will give you realistic limb talk, clucks and purrs but you can get loud and aggressive with it as well. This call has realistic  turkey vocalizations and is a great choice for both spring and fall! We believe every hunter needs one 2 reed in their gear kit, and this is the call we recommend.

  •  Easy to run
  •  Designed to run softer than most 3 reeds
  •  Soft yelping, clucking and purring
  •  Delivers on realistic feeding and comfort calling for up close and personal hunting
  •  Rasp level:   2 out of 3


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Frame and Tape 

The diaphragm frame is adult size; however, the tape is high quality, flexible and very comfortable in your mouth and can easily be trimmed to fit smaller pallets.  Because Legendary Gear uses such high quality materials and in this case, the tape on our diaphragm calls, many of our customers with smaller pallets did not see the need to trim the calls to fit their pallet.


Legendary Gear uses a combination of both mylar and prophylactic for realistic sounds and quality that will last for years to come if cared for properly.  We recommend storing calls in a vented case in the freezer when not in use.

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