Turkey Call - Walnut with Glass over Gray Slate

The Double Sided


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Hear The Double Sided glass sound for yourself!

Hear The Double Sided slate sound for yourself!


The Details:

Finally!  A pot call for stubborn gobblers!  Why 2 sided? … because gobblers can be stubborn and if one hen won’t catch his attention, ya gotta throw in another with a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SOUND!  This walnut double sided call uses our premium glass on the top surface with a strategically offset (unique to the industry) gray slate disc on the bottom.  The gray slate is off-center for an optimally more natural striking position of the hand.  The innards of this call are custom-designed for premium turkey vocalization.  This walnut combo seals the deal with loud aggressive excited and assembly yelps to your softer plain yelps and softer calls on the glass, while the slate offers that high quality sound at a lower volume.  Photo shows top and bottom of the call.  Each order is one call.

Pot call comes with 1 high-end single piece resin infused, dyed birch laminated striker and conditioner.

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Legendary Gear’s friction pot calls are roughly 3.75 inches in diameter and .75″ in height.  The inner board surface is glass with varying top surface materials to achieve specific calling sounds based on customer needs.

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