Turkey Call - Cherry with Purple Heart and Green Slate

The Jason Powell Signature – Last one Prototype


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Hear The Jason Powell Signature sound for yourself!


The Details:

With only one pot call left in inventory, this pot call was the original prototype design that established our whole signature pot call inventory.  With excellent sound quality, this pot call hits home for our turkey pot call designer, Jason Powell.  Starting with wood from his home state, the Pennsylvania cherry is laminated with two strips of purple heart to represent the two purple hearts Jason received in the Army.  The green slate is Jason’s go to surface for premium, realistic turkey sounds.  It is soft, loud, high and raspy – it has every bit of turkey vocalization that a hunter would want, and it is built with passion and heart  as a signature call should be. Photo shows top and bottom of the call.  Each order is one call.

Pot call comes with 1 high-end single piece resin infused, dyed birch laminated striker and conditioner.

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Legendary Gear’s friction pot calls are roughly 3.75 inches in diameter and .75″ in height.  The inner board surface is glass with varying top surface materials to achieve specific calling sounds based on customer needs.

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