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Walnut with Glass


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The Details:

Legendary Gear has teamed up with the Jason Powell, a veteran and Purple Heart recipient, who is renown for designing many award winning turkey calls. These custom, American-made calls are designed to deliver realistic turkey sounds with the optimal audio advantage that will entice even the most stubborn gobbler. From a soft purr to a yelp or cut, these calls can also be aggressive while remaining true to tone. We only offer walnut and cherry pots in our calls that is hand selected and of the highest quality to produce the most realistic turkey vocalizations.

Walnut Wood – produces clear and sharp turkey vocalizations with a higher pitch that will entice even the hardest gobblers to submit.

Glass Surface Calls – naturally have that loud and raspy tone but also have the ability to tone things down to seal the deal!

STRIKER – Each pot call comes with a striker matched to the surface purchased for optimal sound (gray color for slate and rose for glass). Strikers are a two piece birch design with a slightly balanced and weighted top for optimal striking.




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